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Nathan Chen Deserves All The Criticism From Weir & Lipinski

Nathan Chen had visions of being one of the major headliners for the 2018 Olympics for the United States. If you read his Twitter profile, he tags all of his sponsors, and it’s a stacked list from Bridgestone to Coca-Cola. Chen collapsed on Thursday night

Lady Liberty Stays on Hockey Masks After IOC Backs Down

USA! USA! USA! U.S. Women’s Hockey will have their second game against Russia happening pretty soon, and we nearly had our first ‘American’ controversy in the Winter Olympics. IOC mentioned to the United States’ team that they needed to remove Lady Liberty from the goalie

Chloe Kim Wins Gold & Captures American Hearts

Thank goodness for the Olympics because if we did not have them, it might be absolute ghost town for blog posts. There was a ton of hype around Chloe Kim before the games started as this dynamic Korean-American who was 17 years old. She appears

Adam Rippon Steals the Show at the Winter Olympics

Adam Rippon began as one of the notable stars from the Winter Olympics. Rippon is the first openly gay United States Olympic athlete, and he raised an issue with Vice President Mike Pence leading the American delegation considering his anti-gay policies throughout the years. Rippon

Daily Tap 2/10/18: RIP Marquette’s NCAA Tourney Hopes

Here lies Marquette Golden Eagles basketball as their tourney hopes are over after a pathetic loss to St. John’s. That’s one of the topics we talk about on Daily Tap assessing where this program exactly is with Steve Wojciechowski and how Shamorie Ponds could not

A Man Named Semen Takes Center Stage At the Winter Olympics

If you were wondering if SnoTap would have any Olympic coverage, this is the type of shit you’re going to get out of us. There’s also a great mustache worth talking about right now, and that’s probably the level of things I can talk about

Mayweather-McGregor Lived Up To Its Hype

Cut to 9:00 pm on a Saturday night of the biggest sports spectacles of the year, and we cannot get into Red Lion. Our plan had been to pay 20 dollars to watch the fight at a bar close to our friend’s location, and if

LaVar Ball Is Made For Pro Wrestling

Okay, y’all know I’m not a big LaVar Ball fan. I’ve made that pretty clear throughout the year or so he’s been a thing. Ball appeared on Monday Night Raw in his first pro wrestling appearance, and I have to say he may have a

Eric Thames Enjoyed WWE NXT Takeover With Kevin Owens

While Milwaukee Brewers did not play on Saturday afternoon, the team enjoyed a night in Chicago. Most specifically, Eric Thames, who hung ringside at WWE NXT Takeover with WWE superstar Kevin Owens. I’m a former pro wrestling fan. I’ve had a torrid affair throughout the

PODCAST: When Do Brewers Become Real

Tappers, we’re back again with another podcast. This week is a great one if you enjoy two guys talking with each other like they’re at a local sports bar. Strap it and enjoy the early randomness in the first 10 minutes of the podcast. We