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Inviting You to SnoTap’s Summer Bash

If you listened to the podcast this morning, I talked about SnoTap’s Summer Bash. It’s a first annual thing that we hope to do at least once a year, if not, a couple times a year and keep trying to get our names out there

Open Auditions To Write For SnoTapWI

Good morning, Happy Monday. I’m seeking out people who might be looking for interest in writing for SnoTapWI. Consider this the start of the official hiring process. I can’t pay you at this point because we do not take revenue, but it’s a great place

WSW: The Great, The Average & The Heartbreak

This was not a weekend to be quiet on the blog posts. I apologize for that, but I took myself a trip up north with the lady friend and was away from the action for the whole weekend. I did my best to keep myself

Why SnoTap Is Like Frank The Tank

There’s a line in Old School where Frank The Tank forgets his birthday. It is after Blue’s funeral and his wife says ‘Frank, you forgot your birthday again!’ This happened to us as SnoTap turned seven years old last week. We launched our new site

Now on Instagram Live: SnoTap After Dark

SnoTapWI took another step on Monday night by adding a livestreaming component to our Instagram page. I’m excited for this and hope to begin adding things to our Instagram page sooner rather than later. Last year, I toyed around with Instagram stories for maybe two

The Blogging Struggle.

If you’ve seen our website in the last couple of days, you realize there hasn’t been much. I feel like I owe you an explanation since the last couple of weeks have been less than stellar work from us. What’s going on? It’s pretty simple…

Braun Strowman & Big Show Collapse WWE Ring

We don’t blog about WWE. Probably should because I know people like to read it, and hey, if you’re a fan and want to write about wrestling, let’s talk. That said, there are some must-see moments that have to be blogged no matter what. One

LaMelo Ball Can Kick Rocks

LaMelo Ball is a sophomore… in high school. 🔥 🔥 🔥 (via @BallIsLife) — Complex Sports (@ComplexSports) December 27, 2016 Okay, I know this kid is 14, but seriously, he can fuck right off. I’m not going to sound like a crusty suburban white

Planet’s Earth Chase Set to NFL Primetime Music = Greatness

Set the Planet Earth iguana chase to the NFL Primetime music. Feel great about it. — Brian Grubb (@briancgrubb) November 7, 2016 THIS IS AMAZING. Everyone on the Internet was captivated with the iguana getting chased by a pack of snakes in the brand

What We Learned Today: Jarryd Hayne’s Phone is Full of Porn

Y’all remember Jarryd Hayne, right? The former rugby star who played for San Francisco 49ers last season for a cup of coffee. He gave a speech to some teenagers about safe-guarding your phones, and as an example, he let the Norton hack his phone. Sadly