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I’m Back From London & Brewers Haven’t Lost

Thank you for your patience when I took a trip to London with my family. It was a great trip, but I missed the hell out of SnoTapWI. Thank you for Mitch and Murph for holding it down on the podcast in the last two

Introducing SnoTap Gaming, a SnoTapWI Production

Hello Tappers! Welcome to our newest venture. We introduce to you SnoTap Gaming. We’re launching a one-stop shop for fantasy football and gambling for the football season and potentially beyond. Nolan Murphy and Charlie Tritschler will be leading you through the fantasy experience. Murph giving

Story Time with Doobie: My Favorite Time at CVS

The NBA is a complete mess. I’m unhappy, so on this day, instead of thinking about the dark cloud looming over my NBA Utopia, I choose to think about a time where my outstanding knowledge of the NBA and all things basketball, put me in

SnoTap’s Welcome Back Tour

SnoTapWI has went on several hiatuses throughout the last two years, but honestly, this is the first serious one in 2018 that didn’t involve some trip. I came home on Monday to find out that I did not have cable or WIFI. AT&T could not

Inviting You to SnoTap’s Summer Bash

If you listened to the podcast this morning, I talked about SnoTap’s Summer Bash. It’s a first annual thing that we hope to do at least once a year, if not, a couple times a year and keep trying to get our names out there

Open Auditions To Write For SnoTapWI

Good morning, Happy Monday. I’m seeking out people who might be looking for interest in writing for SnoTapWI. Consider this the start of the official hiring process. I can’t pay you at this point because we do not take revenue, but it’s a great place

WSW: The Great, The Average & The Heartbreak

This was not a weekend to be quiet on the blog posts. I apologize for that, but I took myself a trip up north with the lady friend and was away from the action for the whole weekend. I did my best to keep myself

Why SnoTap Is Like Frank The Tank

There’s a line in Old School where Frank The Tank forgets his birthday. It is after Blue’s funeral and his wife says ‘Frank, you forgot your birthday again!’ This happened to us as SnoTap turned seven years old last week. We launched our new site

Now on Instagram Live: SnoTap After Dark

SnoTapWI took another step on Monday night by adding a livestreaming component to our Instagram page. I’m excited for this and hope to begin adding things to our Instagram page sooner rather than later. Last year, I toyed around with Instagram stories for maybe two

The Blogging Struggle.

If you’ve seen our website in the last couple of days, you realize there hasn’t been much. I feel like I owe you an explanation since the last couple of weeks have been less than stellar work from us. What’s going on? It’s pretty simple…