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PODCAST: SnoTapWI Gambling Hour: College Football Futures

Welcome to the first-ever SnoTapWI Gambling Hour presented by the SnoTapWI Network. Your host Charlie takes you through some of the best plays of the year from Over-unders (5-19 mins) to team props (19-23 mins) to player props (23-25 mins). Enjoy Charlie hopping on a

PODCAST: Mount Rushmore of Aaron Rodgers’ Haters

Daily Tap returns for its Thursday edition. Charlie celebrates his birthday on the podcast as he turns 31 today. He breaks down the Mount Rushmore of Aaron Rodgers haters in the media to begin the show. The list shouldn’t surprise you but he definitely has

PODCAST: What’s Wrong With Josh Hader?

Tapping The Keg podcast is back for another week. Charlie and Mitch are talking about Josh Hader, Packers preseason Game 2, and a Bucks road trip. They discuss the struggles of Hader and try to get to the root of the problem. This was taped

PODCAST: Schedule Day: Discussing Bucks & Brewers Seasons

Tuesday’s Daily Tap podcast is brought to you by the SnoTapWI Network. Charlie gets you ready for the upcoming 2019-2020 Bucks season as he talks about the schedule for the Eastern Conference favorites. Charlie talks about their national TV attention plus why he is okay

PODCAST: Breaking Down Top Packers Position Battles

Daily Tap is here for its Monday edition presented as always by the SnoTapWI Network. Charlie talks about a new show debuting on the network for Friday to replace the Weekend Watchlist. Today’s show focuses on Packers’s positional battles as the team gets ready for

PODCAST: Has Lambeu Field Lost Its Luster?

Daily Tap podcast presented by SnoTapWI Network returns for a Saturday edition where Charlie talks about a variety of things. Due to the horn controversy at Lambeau Field, Charlie wonders if Lambeau Field lost its luster. Why the fans could use a jolt in the

PODCAST: Packers Impress in Preseason Debut

Daily Tap wraps up the week with its Friday edition. It’s always presented to you by the SnoTapWI Network. Charlie talks about the Packers’ first preseason game and impressions from it. Ka’Dar Hollman shows out. Charlie moves off J’Mon Moore island and much more. Charlie

PODCAST: NFL Needs To Fix Preseason Football

Daily Tap podcast is here for its Thursday edition. It’s presented by the SnoTapWI Network. Charlie talks about how the NFL needs to fix its preseason schedule. Why the four-game system is broken and needs to be fixed. Also, he has a comment for those

Daily Tap: Best Local Team For Hard Knocks-Like Show

Daily Tap is here for the Wednesday edition. With all of the hype around Hard Knocks, Charlie wonders what it would be like to follow around one of the local teams for the entire team’s season. He weighs the pros and cons of each team.

PODCAST: Why Does Everyone Hate Aaron Rodgers?

Tapping The Keg presented by the SnoTapWI Network is back for the weekly podcast with hosts Charlie and Mitch. The boys talk about meeting Drew Gooden on what was a wild Saturday night plus talk about other Milwaukee athlete run-ins. Of course, there is some