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PODCAST: Fixing The Packers’ Receiver Problems

Charlie and Mitch are here for this week’s edition of the Tapping The Keg podcast. They talk about the potential need for a receiver for the Green Bay Packers after all their injuries. Charlie and Mitch go through the spectrum of receivers from Jordy Nelson

DAILY TAP PODCAST: Badgers Are Title Contenders + Big Announcement!

Happy to announce that SnoTapWI Podcast Network will be joining the Big Heads Media team moving forward. Details about the decision here. Daily Tap is live for Monday. Charlie talks about how the SnoTapWI Podcast network is now part of Big Heads Media. He

SnoTapWI Podcast Network to Join Big Heads Media

Do you see why I need a new logo? Yes, today I am happy to announce that all three of the SnoTapWI podcasts will be joining the newtowrk – Daily Tap, Tapping The Keg and SnoTapWI Gambling Hour. It was awesome to talk with Mark

PODCAST: How To Rid Yourself of the Gambling Stank

SnoTapWI Gambling Hour is live this week as we talk about a big slate in college football along with a decent NFL slate. Charlie talks about his rough gambling week and discusses what you do to get the gambling stank off of you. He looks

PODCAST: Bucks Can Survive Without Eric Bledsoe

Eric Bledsoe’s injury is today’s focus on the Daily Tap. Charlie talks about Bledsoe’s injury and what it means for the Bucks at the start of the season. He also discusses the narratives potentially around it, and why the Bucks had a ton of injury

PODCAST: Do You Buy Packers & Badgers as Contenders?

Tapping The Keg podcast featuring Charlie and Mitch is chatting about contenders this week. The boys look at Green Bay Packers as contenders for the NFC. Charlie explains why they should be considered in that category. Charlie and Mitch discuss why people are being too

PODCAST: Lions Are Better Than You Think

Daily Tap is live for its Tuesday edition. Charlie starts with a Tuesday free talk discussing some issues he had at the gym yesterday plus a brutal fantasy loss thanks to Baker Mayfield. He moves on to pop the tab on the Detroit Lions. Charlie

PODCAST: Aaron Jones Delivers Dallas’ Domination

Daily Tap starts for Monday with the Green Bay Packers big win against the Dallas Cowboys. Charlie talks about the beauty of Aaron Jones having his big moment. Jones rammed the ball down Dallas’ throats and what it could mean for the Packers moving forward.

PODCAST: SnoTapWI Gambling Hour – October is Gambling Szn

SnoTapWi Gambling Hour is here for the Friday edition. Charlie talks about how October is one of the best months to gamble on sports. From football in full swing to MLB Playoffs and the start of basketball and hockey, there is no better time. He

PODCAST: Bummin’ About The Brewers + 2020 Lookahead

On the 354th edition of Tapping The Keg podcast, Charlie and Mitch are bummed out about the Brewers. Charlie is still not over the loss, and Mitch gives his thoughts as to what happened last night. The boys look ahead to 2020 as well. Charlie