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Big Ten Coaches & Players Put Conference in Tough Spot

Social media can be powerful if used the right way. It is the devil too much like everything that Bobby Boucher’s mama dealt with in The Waterboy. We saw the good side of social media on Monday. After the Big Ten players led by Justin

College Football Is Choosing To Protect Amateurism Over Anything Else

Big Ten football will likely not be a thing by Monday at 9:00 AM. If you’re reading this and the Big Ten is already canceled, it is a fucking shame. Those who always caveat with ‘Well if they play’ are right. The fact is that

Sign Me Up For Lambeau Hosting the Big Ten Championship Game

On Thursday, it was revealed that Lambeau Field applied for multiple things in the future. They want to host the NFL Draft, a long-time goal of Mark Murphy. But they also want to have the Big Ten Championship there. The game has been played strictly

Minnesota Football Claiming Last Year’s Big Ten Title is a Loser Mindset

The original title of this blog was titled ‘Minnesota tried to claim a title that they did not win.’ Because at first, I believed that Minnesota pulled an Alabama and tried to claim titles that didn’t belong to them. But since the Gophers finished with

Want to Hear a Joke? Minnesota Football Becoming The Next Clemson

Hello, Tappers. You’re probably wondering what I’m doing blogging on a weekend. It has been a while since we’ve produced content on the weekend. With not much happening on the weekend, it hasn’t been a high priority for me. But with Milwaukee Brewers and Milwaukee

College Football Dragged Its Feet & Now They’re in Panic Mode

In mid May, I wrote a post for SnoTapWI that college football needed a commissioner. I said this is a one-time thing for 2020 and both football and basketball needed it. NCAA didn’t listen to me. This cost them dearly. Now, the NCAA is playing

Wisconsin’s CFB Playoff Chances Increase With Conference-Only Schedule

Wisconsin Badgers are one of the better second-tier programs in college football. They’re not at the elite tier of Ohio State in the Big Ten, but they’re the class of that second tier. Michigan, Penn State, Michigan State, Iowa have not had the year in,

Who Should Be Wisconsin’s 10th Conference Opponent This Fall?

Big Ten is changing their conference. It is a huge topic and one we have covered with a couple of different angles already. One thing that we haven’t discussed is the schedule. The Big Ten added that they’re going to likely play the division games

College Football’s Power Five’s Move to Freedom From NCAA

When news breaks, it is important to think through all of the possible angles as to why it’s happening. When considering all the possibilities, ulterior motives are always in play. The Big Ten’s decision to not play non-conference games is one that will be discussed

Big Ten’s Abrupt Decision to Cancel Non-Con Games Doesn’t Connect

Big Ten made a decision. They decided to cancel non-conference football games. Marquee matchups like Ohio State-Oregon, Wisconsin-Notre Dame, and others will not be happening this year. Sure, that’s disappointing from a fan’s perspective, but more so, it’s short-sighted in so many ways. College football