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Oh My God, Jason Kidd Could Coach The Lakers

Reports came out yesterday that Jason Kidd interviewed for the Los Angeles Lakers job. Yes, this is real and spectacular. He interviewed with Rob Pelinka and Kurt Rambis for the role. It is amazing that Kidd is getting another chance to coach especially after what

Sports FOMO Is The Absolute Worst

We’re going to have some honesty hour to kick off our day on SnoTapWI. I had a wild day. Worked late, had to workout at night, work issue, taped a podcast with Mitch, therefore, things to do around the house were still needed to be

Bucks Fans Fill Up The Deer District for Playoff Parties

Milwaukee Bucks had a vision when they built the new arena. They wanted to have a state-of-the-art arena that people wanted to come visit and that had a great basketball team in it. But they also knew that to build a great atmosphere, they had

Bucks Buzz: Second Half Surge Leads to Bucks Sweep

Milwaukee Bucks did it again. They were trailing in the first half, more than they were in Game 2 against the Detroit Pistons. Then the second half came for Milwaukee. It is funny to see the Bucks do this after they used to have so

Is Giannis’ Double-Pump Move His Best Move Ever?

Giannis Antetokounmpo has many great plays. So many great plays. That being said, Giannis might have had his best plays ever last night in the Bucks win against Detroit. Giannis was ready to put Andre Drummond on a poster which would have been about his

Bucks Buzz: Giannis’ Off Night Doesn’t Bother Bucks

Something must have been in the NBA MVP candidates drinks before their collective Game 3’s. Giannis Antetokounmpo struggled from the start of the game to finish last night with only 14 points and 10 rebounds. The same could be said for James Harden who shot

Bucks Buzz: The Second Half Milwaukee Takeover

Milwaukee Bucks expected a challenge in Game 2. They won the first game by 35 points, and they knew the Pistons would come out with some pride in Game 2. That was inevitable. And they did with a strong first half being up by one

Rate David Bakhtiari’s Bucks Game Beer Chug

Who knew what was in the water in Milwaukee on Wednesday with professional athletes, but chugging was the thing to do. At the Milwaukee Bucks game, David Bakhtiari checked out the game along with many other Wisconsin athletes. Bakhtiari got featured on the big screen,

Greg Jennings – Read The Room, One Time For Me

I am confident that Greg Jennings is the least self-aware person of all time. Jennings decided to visit the City of Milwaukee for the Detroit Pistons-Milwaukee Bucks Game 2 of the NBA Playoffs. First, I had no idea that Jennings had any relationship with Wisconsin

Losing Blake Griffin is a Major Blow to Detroit’s Chances

Blake Griffin could have easily acted like he didn’t want to play in Detroit. Everyone bemoaned the fact he went from sunny Los Angeles to Detroit. But Griffin did not. Instead, he embraced being a member of the Pistons and had a huge year for