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Giannis Needs More National Media Attention

Giannis Antetokounmpo made the second-team all-NBA yesterday. He did not make it to the First Team as Kevin Durant and Damian Lillard took his spots. The other day, the Greek Freak did not even sniff the All-NBA Defensive team. What’s going on here? One of

Bucks Players Start #StandWithSterling Hashtag

On Wednesday night, Milwaukee Police Department released the bodycam video of their arrest of Milwaukee Bucks player Sterling Brown. The video is gross, and an abuse of power. The Milwaukee Police Department had no right in escalating the force like they did in the video.

Colin Cowherd Puts Ben Simmons Ahead of Giannis & Harden

Please know that I try to avoid the taking the hot take artist cheese. I try so hard. There are those in the sports media world who throw out outrageous proclamations just so we’re talking about them the next day. Colin Cowherd is one of

Budenholzer Brings His Coaching Staff to Milwaukee

Reports are out that new Milwaukee Bucks head coach Mike Budenholzer will bring most of his assistants from Atlanta to Milwaukee. Darvin Ham and Ben Sullivan are the two biggest names out of the bunch. Ham is a rising star in the league, and a

BREAKING: Mike Budenholzer is the new Bucks Coach

There were have it. Mike Budenholzer is the new head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks. It feels good to have that officially on the books and done with after a few weeks of a coaching search. Budenholzer seemed to hold Milwaukee in high regard, and

Dennis Schroder to the Bucks? Nein, Danke

Atlanta Hawks point guard Dennis Schroder might be the only visiting player who lists Milwaukee as his favorite road city. This isn’t surprising though. Schroder is a native of Germany, and he enjoys all of the German influence around the city of Milwaukee. Therefore, no

Needed Giannis’ ‘Freak’ Jacket Yesterday

Holy shit, call the fashion police and tell them the new fashion king is here. Giannis Antetokounmpo showed off potentially the start of a Nike line for him, and that’s a very exciting thing for him. My guess is people all over the country and

Rick Carlisle Isn’t Interested, Bucks (Wink, Wink)

The dream of mine happened yesterday. Rick Carlisle’s name got mentioned in the Bucks coaching rumor mill. That’s the ultimate dream. He’s a great coach who has brought teams to great lengths with not much to work with it as the head coach. The rumors

Giannis’ Chinese Nickname is Awesome

Twitter is a fun place where things can happen out of the blue. Take yesterday morning for example. Nick Kapur is studying Asian history at Harvard, and he decided to spend his morning by giving us all of the Chinese nicknames of the star players.

Terry Rozier’s Troll Game: A+

You want to know one of the good things about the Milwaukee Bucks being eliminated in the NBA Playoffs? I can actually cheer for parts of Boston that I like. I enjoy what Brad Stevens does with his roster. I enjoy Jaylen Brown and Jayson