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Giannis Antetokounmpo Puts Three Spurs On A Poster With A Sick Dunk

Yes, the Milwaukee Bucks did not play well last night. You know that. I know that. There is not much good you can take away from a game where Milwaukee gives up 146 points. It’s pathetic honestly. I get there are games where nothing goes

WI Sports Tap List 5/6: Let’s Never Ever Talk About That Bucks Game Again

Happy Thursday, Wisconsin! Another very busy day in the world of Wisconsin sports. Milwaukee Brewers were in action yet again taking on the Philadelphia Phillies while the Milwaukee Bucks were at home facing the Washington Wizards. After a bevy of road games, the Bucks are

WI Sports Tap List 5/5: Bucks Get Two Statement WIns Against the Nets

Welcome to the WI Sports Tap List. We’re still working on this structure. I would love for some feedback on this if you have it available. Happy to make this work for you guys to give you what you need to start your day. What

The Bucks PxP Position Will Draw Tons of Interest from Sportscasters

Milwaukee Bucks will have an open position available that has not been open in 35 years. Their play-by-play position will be open for the first time. Jim Paschke is retiring after 35 long years as the Bucks’ broadcaster. Pashcke also called Milwaukee Brewers games in

WI Sports Tap List 5/4: Brewers Cost Themselves a Win + Packers Play Damage Control

Welcome to the Tap List. If you’re like, this is new, you would be right. I created this yesterday and going to test it out for the month of May at least. I’m trying to figure out how to serve you guys the recaps that

Giannis Dunking Over Durant Is The Best Way To Start a Game

Milwaukee Bucks had one of their biggest games of the year when they took on the Brooklyn Nets on Sunday afternoon. I got a weird sign that this game would go well for the Bucks. That sign was a picture on Facebook of a deer

Jrue Holiday’s Poster Dunk is Worth Watching Over & Over Again

Jrue Holiday did not have a good night at the office. He struggled from the floor to find it last night. Jrue finished with 12 points on 6-for-16 shooting. Not one of his best nights for certain. But Holiday did catch a body midway through

Why Mike Budenholzer’s Future Ultimately Comes Down To Giannis Antetokounmpo

Mike Budenholzer is the new number one when it comes to the most disliked coaches in the state of Wisconsin. Mike Pettine from the Green Bay Packers had the title with Steve Wojciechowski flanked to his right. They’re both gone. Now, that title belongs to

Five Things to Know About the Bucks’ Almost Great Weekend

Milwaukee Bucks are not going to get the one seed. That’s okay. I have made peace with it. The dreams of the one seed died when Atlanta beat Milwaukee on Sunday evening. You probably are thinking ‘Wow Charlie that is outrageous.’ But considering Milwaukee lost

Three Things to Know About the Bucks’ Painful Phoenix Suns Defeat

Milwaukee Bucks deserved better on Monday night. Milwaukee had Phoenix on the ropes and all they had to do is finish the deal. They could not do that. Milwaukee had issues all April closing games. They lost a game against Golden State this way, and