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Bucks Fail to Beat Another Good Team Losing to Lakers, Should You Be Worried?

Milwaukee Bucks cannot seem to beat a good team this season. So far, this season, Milwaukee is 3-5 against teams with a .500 record or better. They’ve beaten up on the Detroit’s of the world which has helped their overall record. Things are not entirely

Khris Middleton’s Comments Show Bucks’ Mindset Has Changed

Milwaukee Bucks get ready to play the Los Angeles Lakers tonight in a showdown of two of the league’s best teams. Last year, many thought this was a Finals preview when the teams got together. This is similar to last year in the Bucks playing

Bucks Come Up One Short Short in Brooklyn

Milwaukee Bucks met with the new-look Brooklyn Nets for the first time on Monday night. They played at Brooklyn with the newest member of the Nets, James Harden, on the court. The Nets were still missing Kyrie Irving from the equation. Even without Kyrie, Brooklyn

No Matter Tonight’s Bucks-Nets Outcome, The Narratives Will Not Change

Wisconsin sports fans are in for a treat. After getting the Green Bay Packers game on Saturday, the Milwaukee Bucks are here for two huge games this week. They play Brooklyn tonight and the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday evening. Both are must-watch for Bucks

If Bucks Could Play Detroit Every Night, They Would Be Undefeated

The NBA schedule is not normal this season. There are 72 games. The league is trying to do these ‘series’ from time to time where the two teams play against each other for multiple days. Some teams have already played three times. Case in point,

A “Poster” Dunk Proves To Be The Motivation Milwaukee Needed vs. Orlando

Poster dunks are a thing we see all over the NBA and college basketball. They are easy social media layups. You post a dunk that features a guy dunking on someone else, it’s an immediate viral hit. Aaron Gordon climbed the latter against Giannis Antetokummpo.

Bucks Take Care of Business Against the Shorthanded Cavaliers

Milwaukee Bucks played back-to-back on Saturday night. They took on Cleveland after playing Utah on Friday. With no fans and a back that took a hard fall, Giannis Antetokounmpo missed the game against Cleveland. But he wasn’t the only one. Cleveland did not have Collin

Bucks Steamroll Pistons For Second Straight Game

Milwaukee Bucks are feasting on the lesser opponents in the league. Milwaukee won three straight games. They’re against Chicago and Detroit. But as Icona Pop once said, “I don’t careeeeee”. A winning streak is a winning streak. And it’s a good one for the Milwaukee

Giannis Antetokounmpo’s Comments Are Spoken Like a Leader

Giannis Antetokounmpo meets with the media on a regular basis after games. Not sure if it’s every game, but it feels like he spends more time with them than most. It is to be expected when you’re the back-to-back MVP of the NBA. After an

Giannis Proves He’s NBA Best & Peter King Snubs Rodgers | WI Best & Worst

On the Wisconsin Best and Worst for January 4th, Charlie explains why Giannis Antetokounmpo put out a friendly reminder to the rest of the league that he is the best player in the NBA. Even though he will not win the MVP, Giannis is still