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Bucks’ Consecutive Losses Fits a Familar Pattern Seen All Season

Milwaukee Bucks lost more games this season than they did last year or the year before. At the time, we were told that it would be fine. Nothing mattered too much in the regular season, and it was all about the postseason. While Milwaukee looked

Numbers Don’t Lie, It’s a Must-Win For Milwaukee Tonight

Milwaukee Bucks lost Game 1 of the Eastern Conference semifinals. The game was not pretty. Milwaukee looked awfully rusty. And Mike Budenholzer attempted to outwit the Brooklyn Nets and it blew up in his face. A part of me wanted to write a blog this

NBA’s Newest Strawman? Blaming Bubble Success

The media will do anything to discredit the teams that are currently playing in the NBA Playoffs. Why? None of them are the big names. For the first time since 2010, LeBron James or the Golden State Warriors aren’t involved with the NBA Finals. The

Max Kellerman Tweet Discrediting Milwaukee is So Typical & Disappointing

There is a real chance that both Los Angeles teams could be eliminated by Friday night. Both Los Angeles face first-round exits which were not expected. Many people penciled the Lakers into the NBA Finals. But LeBron James not being 100 percent and Anthony Davis’

Kyrie Irving Can Take His Bandwagon & Shove It.

Brooklyn Nets won their first playoff series today. The Nets’ Big Three took care of business against arguably the worst team left in the playoffs. The Boston Celtics were banged up, and Brooklyn gave them the work. It’s not a surprise at all. Kyrie Irving

Giannis Doesn’t Talk About Basketball When He’s At Home

Giannis Antetokounmpo met with the media after the Milwaukee Bucks practiced this afternoon. The questions for Giannis were wide-ranging. Someone asked him what he was streaming and gave that answer. He also talked very wisely about not bringing his work home with him. Antetokounmpo talks

Today’s Plans: Watch Bobby Portis Dunk on Tyler Herro on a Loop

Milwaukee Bucks did it again. They blew out the Miami Heat for the second straight game. After Milwaukee won by 30 in Game 2, they followed it up by winning by 29 in Game 3. It was absolutely incredible. There were moments in the third

Brook Lopez’s Success Is The Most Surprising Thing About Bucks’ Playoff Start

After the bubble failure for the Milwaukee Bucks, many people wanted Brook Lopez gone or not as integrated with the team. With the lack of switching that head coach Mike Budenholzer did, it exposed Lopez and got him on to bad matchup after bad matchup.

Giannis Shows Off His Soccer Skills While Blowing Out the Heat

Giannis Antetokounmpo started as a soccer player. This isn’t a surprise since he grew in Greece. And is originally from Nigeria. Both countries are regular participants in the World Cup. It’s not a shock that this was Giannis’ first sport. This also fits a trend

Don’t Expect The Bucks To Have Another Game 1 Three-Point Shooting Day

In Game 1, Milwaukee Bucks could not make a three-pointer. They were so cold. Colder than a polar bears’ toenails. It was the worst shooting game of the season for Milwaukee. They made five threes total. Five! The difference between Miami and Milwaukee in this