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Cubs Fans Gender Reveal Fail Brings Me Great Joy

This is from Sunday, but I have to blog it. When a rival fanbase does something fucking dumb, I have to blog it. That’s the rules. We had a Cubs couple doing a gender reveal outside of Wrigley Field. For some reason, these two thought

Drake Causally Spending His Night Playing Fortnite

Drake is the one of the biggest, if not the biggest, superstar in the music industry at this point in time. That might crush people to read that but it’s true. Drake puts asses in the seats. Or in this case, he decides to play

Blame Arie, Not The ABC, For Showing the Live Breakup

There are 100 things to talk about for the blog and the podcast tomorrow. It makes me irrationally excited. When I have an opportunity to spew hot flames, I try to do it. I can’t believe that I’m going to lead off another Tuesday podcast

Justin Timberlake’s MKE Appearance Speaks Volumes

After his Super Bowl performance, Justin Timberlake added some more tour dates to his ‘Man of the Woods’ tour and included Milwaukee on the list for Friday, September 21st at the Wisconsin Entertainment and Sports Center. This is the biggest, current act that’s going to

Giannis Gets Name Dropped in Lil Wayne’s Latest

Following Dedication 6, Lil Wayne is coming up with a reloaded version featuring this freestyle. For some, you remember how much hype there was around a Wayne mixtape dropping. I remember being 21 when ‘No Ceilings’ came out, and we must have played songs from

KFC Follows 11 People on Twitter & Packers CB Is One Of Them

Things go viral on Twitter all of the time. I’m writing this late night like usual, and right now, it’s Patrick Beverley going off about Lonzo Ball blended with a kid finding out he failed his midterm over Twitter. But the most viral thing yesterday

Closing Out Tonight With Tom Petty

After much disrupted reports over the day, Tom Petty died this evening with a heart attack. This is obviously sad news. I didn’t get to blog when Hugh Hefner passed away last week, but my condolences were there obviously. Petty is a huge part of

Ted Cruz ‘Likes’ A Tweet About Porn

Since his failed campaign for the 2016 election, Ted Cruz has spent more time on Twitter handing on zingers and interacting with the common people of the world especially in the sports industry. Cruz put Deadspin in a locker a few months back which really

Final Thrones Scene With DMX Works In Major Way

Game of Thrones is done for the year. It came and went very quickly, much like Rick Pitino at an Italian restaurant. I, myself, thought this was a pretty good season. I’m not saying it’s one of the best, but we got an enjoyable season

Taylor Swift Comes Directly At Kanye’s Neck

Taylor Swift is out with new music, and she’s making no friends with her first song off her new album ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ with direct shots at Kanye West throughout the song. Today is a 100-year storm on Twitter. We are going