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Taylor Twellman Freaks Out About US Soccer

United States Soccer is waking up to the criticism for missing the World Cup for 2018 after losing to Trindad and Tobago in a shocking loss where they fell 2-1. There was a 1-in-27 chance that the United State would miss the World Cup, and

Is the 2026 World Cup Coming to Lambeau?

Today, the 2026 World Cup spanning United States, Mexico and Canada released their plans to be the hosts of the premier event spanning three different countries. The North America bid will be going up against Morocco’s bid for a chance at a World Cup. Lambeau

Man U’s Fans Anti-ISIS Chants Were Awesome

The terrorist attack at an Ariana Grande concert earlier this week in Manchester, Engalnd, was a horrid attack by ISIS, and it appears this is a terror cell in one of the bigger cities in England as seven arrests have been made in correlation to