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Aaron Rodgers’ New Contract Could Be ‘Unique’

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers seems ready to be the man again. I know that’s probably what goes through his head every year, but I can’t remember the last time I read something from Rodgers where you can tell he’s at total peace. NBC

Kirk Cousins Stinks at Grilling

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins is going to be one of the most-watched players in the National Football League next season. He’s enjoying the offseason before what could be his biggest season of his life. That said, he cannot grill for shit. I’m unsure why

Nick Van Exel Rocking a Cheesehead is a Legendary Picture

I love when older things go viral. Things that I haven’t seen in the past like this Nick Van Exel picture of him in a cheesehead. Van Exel is a Wisconsin native, Racine to be exact, so it’s no surprise that he’s a Packers fan.

Aaron Rodgers’ Clutch Gene Exists on Golf Course

Aaron Rodgers and Houston Rockets point guard Chris Paul are putting on a charity event with State Fair over the next two days where the NFL is pitted up against the NBA. Given how many commercials we’ve seen from Rodgers and CP3 for State Farm,

Randall Cobb’s Ankle Injury Isn’t Concerning

News came out on Monday morning that Randall Cobb has an ankle injury and could miss the start of Training Camp. People launched the sirens because Green Bay does not have a wealth in veteran receivers. Missing the start of Training Camp is a vague

How is Wentz & Brees Better Than Rodgers?

We’ve talked about it before about not taking the cheese. You do not want to bite on things that are made clearly for you to bite. But it’s the middle of the summer, so, let’s get a little nuts. NFL 100 is the NFL Network’s

McCarthy Wants Packers To Spend More Time in Wisconsin

Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy sounded like a college coach as mini-camp wrapped up yesterday. He voiced his opinion that more players should spend the summer up in Green Bay and when asked why, he said ‘There’s no better place in the summertime

Pro-Anthem Sign Displayed Near Lambeau

Well, here we go. As you know, Lambeau Field is in the middle of a city. It’s not like in its own area or anything like that. The stadium lives around a neighborhood. We’ve seen signs supporting the Packers across the street. This one is

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix Silenced the Haters

It’s apparent that Ha Ha Clinton-Dix had enough with Packers fans online. The Packers safety is missing OTA’s due to a personal issue. We found that out yesterday through Jason Wilde of ESPN Wisconsin. Clinton-Dix is not in a contract dispute or anything like that.

Packers OTA Observations: Corner Swag, Contracts & Culture Change

OTA’s are a fun time in the world of football. They’re a morsel of the National Football League returning to our every day conversation. Sure, we talk about football all the time. It just happens from Trump being mad at the Eagles to free agents