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How To Start An Elgton Jenkins ROY Campaign

Many people in the Packers’ Internet media think Elgton Jenkins should be the Offensive Rookie of the Year. As you know, lineman does not get that award. The award typically goes to a quarterback, running back or wide receiver. That’s it. But Elgton Jenkins of

Broncos Coached Scared & Can’t Help The Packers

Minnesota Vikings and the Green Bay Packers are in a two-team race for the NFC North title. It was a three-team race until last night when the Bears collapsed losing 17-7 to the Los Angeles Rams. It looked like in the early part of the

Packers and Tua Tagovailoa Are A Perfect Match

Tua Tagovailoa was the first overall pick in the National Football League Draft at the start of the season. The term ‘Tank for Tua’ was used quite a bit by people in both the NFL and college communities. How things change. Tagovalioa dislocated his hip

Za’Darius Smith Pressures The QB Better Than Most

Za’Darius Smith is one of the best players on the Green Bay Packers. He is a fan favorite. Smith is one of everyone’s favorite Packers this season. There are not many players that people like more than Za’Darius. He is having an amazing season. There

Nothing Better Than The Packers in Primetime

When the Green Bay Packers are good, they find themselves in primetime quite often. Why? Well, it’s rather simple, they’re a public football team. Green Bay is one of the most public franchises in all of football. It goes Dallas, Pittsburgh, Green Bay, New England,

Packers Have Least Amount of Drops in NFL

Green Bay Packers wide receivers had a big of a drop issue in the last couple of years. It was not Davante Adams’ fault as he cured those woes from earlier in his career. Green Bay’s receiving core is not part of the cream of

SnoTapWI Star Ratings: Panthers vs. Packers

Green Bay Packers won their eighth game of the season in Mid-November. Packers will not have a record under .500 this season. Green Bay had a dramatic victory against the Carolina Panthers thanks to a goal-line stand by the Packers defense. Packers had many top

San Francisco 49ers Did Not Impress Me Much

San Francisco 49ers were considered the best team in football before Monday’s night showdown against the Seattle Seahawks. If you follow DVOA, they were the top team across the board in their rankings. DVOA is not the end-all, be-all, we know that. But they seem

PackCap: Packers Stand Tall & Hold On To Beat Panthers

Green Bay Packers have been the kings of one-score victories. Is that a good thing? Yes and no. Yes, because it shows they know how to close out close games. No, because, things tend to flip itself. It is the law of large averages. For

SnoTapWI Packers Preview: Carolina vs. Green Bay

Green Bay Packers are ready to bounce back after a tough loss to the Los Angeles Chargers. Packers struggled in Los Angeles and raised a lot of questions from the fan base. Green Bay looks to respond against Carolina Panthers at home and get ready