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Marcedes Lewis is Exactly What the Packers Need

Green Bay Packers made a move right before the three-day weekend. Packers signed veteran tight end Marcedes Lewis to a likely a one or two year deal. The terms of the contract are not yet live. Green Bay has yet to announce the signing. Lewis

Clay Matthews Concerned with OLB Depth

Clay Matthews isn’t afraid to mince word. He gets in front of the microphone at times and says how he feels about a certain situation. Matthews let his opinion be felt about the outside linebacker depth to the media yesterday. Basically, he doesn’t think highly

Packers Rookies Go on Hall of Fame Scavenger Hunt

As anyone knows, the Green Bay Packers are rich in tradition. It’s something people talk about all of the time. Sometimes, it’s overused and overkill that leads some of us to roll our eyes into the back of our heads. But when Green Bay’s history

Packers are NFC Leaders in Easiest Superior Strength of Schedule

Green Bay Packers have a big 2018 season ahead of them. They are going to be considered one of the best in the NFC because of Aaron Rodgers and the additions on both side of the football. Warren Sharp, a football analyst, takes a look

Jaire Alexander Wears his Packers Jersey Under Graduation Outfit

Jaire Alexander is an impressive individual. Not only did he star on the Louisville football team, but he also graduated in 3.5 years. That’s no easy task for anyone, let alone a student athlete. Alexander walked today at Louisville’s graduation. In a funny moment, he

Do the Packers Still Have a Pass Rush Problem?

Green Bay addressed a lot of things in the draft. Most importantly, they tried one more time to fix their secondary. This time, it feels like they’re headed in the right direction especially with the new blood in the defensive meetings with Mike Pettine. Tramon

Fantasy Hype Grows Around St. Brown over Moore

On last week’s Tapping The Keg podcast, Mitch Ross brought up a great point. ‘Every year, Packers fans seem to latch themselves to a talented skill position player who got drafted late. Remember Malachi Dupre? He’s on Washington, not Green Bay.’ The same is happening

The Great Aaron Rodgers Contract Debate

Aaron Rodgers is set to get paid at some point very soon. The last quarterback domino fell yesterday when Matt Ryan received a five-year deal worth $150 million dollars where he will make $100 million guaranteed. It’s a ridiculous contract for Ryan. I know we

Frank Ragnow’s Family Delighted He’s Not a Packer

Detroit Lions newest center Frank Ragnow went to school in Arkansas, but he’s from Minnesota originally. They had all of their family and friends together at their parents Minnesota home for the first round of the draft. Like everything else in the world, people had

Brian Gutekunst Passed His First Test

When Brian Gutekunst made his first move of the NFL Draft weekend, fans thought this could be an absolute disaster. Read the mentions of Wilde, Nagler, Demovosky from mid-Thursday night, Packers fans were starting to get the pitchforks out. Now on Monday, it’s pretty much