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Flashback Friday: Brett Favre Learns About Nickel Defense

Brett Favre is the best. I know he had a five-year period where things were rough. Then we accepted him again as our own yet again. Why? Well, Wisconsin people are forgiving types, and Favre is definitely forgiven. There’s no question about it. He is

Packers Aren’t Dealing for Melvin Gordon

Wisconsinites have a weird thing with Badgers football players in the National Football League. There are some people like my boy Twigs who’s a diehard Badgers fan and cheers for Seattle Seahawks because of Russell Wilson. There are people who still contend that T.J. Watt

Flashback Friday: 1942 Packers Highlights

Flashback Friday posts have become a favorite thing of mine. It usually has something to do with the Green Bay Packers. Why? Well, they have the best legacy, and Aaron Nagler of CheeseheadTV seems to have the collection of Flashback Friday’s in his back pocket.

Davante Adams Goes Nuclear on NFL Media

People seem to keep Davante Adams’ name in their mouth this offseason. Unsure why but there is a growing narrative around Adams that he would not be the same player without Aaron Rodgers. People seem to ignore the year he had when Brett Hundley was

Danny Vitale’s Uphill Climb to 53-Man Roster

Packers and fullbacks have been a glorious relationship in the past. There is something about the fullback position with Packers fan. William Henderson was a legend in 90’s. People loved John Kuhn in the late 2000’s. My college buddies and I were huge Quinn Johnson

Is Davante Adams The Most Underrated WR in NFL?

Davante Adams does not get the love from the national media. Why? I’m not really sure. Adams replaced Jordy Nelson seamlessly and has been one of the best receivers in the game for the last two years. Yet the recognition hasn’t been there. It could

Someone Help Brett Favre with History

Brett Favre has been in the news cycle here in town all week. Why? Well, Brett played in the AmFam Championship celebrity foursome with Jack Nicklaus, Toby Keith, and Andy North. Favre had a chance to speak with the media after the round and he

Aaron Rodgers Wins Packers Photo Day

Aaron Rodgers and his mustache is a love story. We have seen the mustache get brought out for Movember, the final team luncheon of Training Camp and just whenever he feels like it. Personally, I am a big fan of it. To me being able

Is the NFC North The Toughest Division in Football?

Football is right around the corner. I start to get an itch for football right around the last couple of weeks in July. I cannot help it. Call me Uncle Rico, call me a meathead, but there is always a few days in early August