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Does Ty Montgomery Have a Role with 2018 Packers?

Ty Montgomery started out 2017 with a ton of promise. Many people thought he might be the next ‘big thing’ with the Green Bay Packers. Montgomery received a ton of hype heading into the season, and he fell flat. Some of it was due to

Jason Kelce Makes Me Want To Run Through a Brick Wall

Jason Kelce moved up fast in the players that I would like to have on the Green Bay Packers, and someone I would love to have a beer with sometime. Kelce gave a speech that should be out of a goddamn movie. He’s incredible wearing

Scenes From Philly Give a Milwaukee Fan Hope

Currently, there are hundreds upon hundreds of Philly fans filling the streets getting ready to celebrate a Super Bowl. Parade day seems like one of the most joyous times to be a sports fan. It’s a complete euphoric moment where you don’t have to worry

Badgers Football Wins Big at Super Bowl

Wisconsin Badgers football coaching staff will be getting the game tapes of Super Bowl 52. From there, they’ll cut up all of the different moments both James White and Corey Clement had in this game for their teams respectively. White won Super Bowl MVP last

NFL Wins Best Ad While Dodge Makes Us Cringe

The Super Bowl ads did not have a good year. I feel like people worried so much about the reaction that everyone played it safe for the most part. There’s not really going to be a headline where it’s people reacting to a racy ad

City Of Philadelphia Might Be Toast By Morning

Philadelphia Eagles have won the Super Bowl. It’s something that hasn’t happened in their franchise history, and the fans are acting appropriately. And when I say appropriately, I mean burning the whole city down before sunrise. What we are going to witness out of Phily

Aaron Hernandez Gets Mentioned In NFL Memoriam

Before the Super Bowl, U.S. Bank Stadium ran through an NFL Memoriam of different NFL figures who died in the past year. Obviously, there were some greats lost in the last year, but the most jarring one to see was Aaron Hernandez. Who would think

Kirk Cousins to the Vikings Gives Me Night Sweats

The Kirk Cousins sweepstakes are going to be the headline of the Spring when it comes to NFL free agency. Some teams will wait on signing other free agents until they pitch Cousins, and see if their team has a shot at signing the former

Chiefs-Redskins Trade Broke My Brain

We were wrapping up our podcast on Tuesday night, and all of the sudden, I received a notification about a trade happened in the NFL sending Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith to the Washington Redskins. Yes, this happened during Super Bowl week. This never