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Hackett’s Hiring Gets LaFleur Out of His Comfort Zone

Green Bay Packers have a new offensive coordinator. Nathaniel Hackett will be the offensive coordinator for the team. Hackett coached at Jacksonville, Buffalo and Syracuse prior to his stop in Green Bay. His dad was a Bill Walsh disciple and carried the West Coast principles

Rodgers’ Softball No-Show Shows Braun Feud Still Exists

The California Strong softball game was a great event. Celebrities were everywhere, and the Milwaukee Brewers did a great job hosting the event with Christian Yelich and Ryan Braun leading the way. Although given his offseason has already begun, it was surprising to see Aaron

Mike Pettine Coming Back is the Right Move

What many people predicted actually happened officially on Friday. Mike Pettine is returning as the defensive coordinator to work with Matt LaFleur. Green Bay went with the same method that their NFC North rival did last season. Chicago Bears hired Matt Nagy, a young offensive

See Ya Never, Ron Zook

The Office is such a cliche show to use when looking for an example to explain something that I almost think it’s too basic to bring it up as an analogy. Yet, I feel it’s the perfect one for Ron Zook and the Green Bay

Green Bay or Bust: McDaniels Heads Back to Patriots

Josh McDaniels had a plan. It was one of those plans where you think it out in your head before it actually happens to you. It sounds good in your head and know that’s what you want to do with life. McDaniels planned to be

Local & National Media Disagree on Packers’ Hire

Matt LaFleur received the Packers head coaching job right as I was wrapping up the day at work. After checking on a few things related to Bama-Clemson, my friend Eric sent a group chat a text of the tweet where Adam Schefter broke the news.

Matt LaFleur is Right Coach for Packers Job

Green Bay Packers coaching search is over. Green Bay interviewed 12 people in a mere week. On Monday night, they came to a decision. Matt LaFleur, the Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator, will be the next head coach of the Packers. The 39-year-old must have blown

Love These Young Bears Fans Sinking Into Depression

There were reaction videos all over the internet. It’s what you need after a tough loss. People losing their shit over the smallest things ever. Fans take things way too seriously. You’ve heard some ‘stay classy, Bears fans’ which is the stupidest fucking thing I’ve

Still Can’t Believe Chicago Bears Lost

I’m in amazement. It’s truly stunning that the Chicago Bears lost this football game. All of the hype around the Bears heading into the playoffs, and they get taken down by a double doink’d missed field goal feels almost unreal. This game might not have

Packers & Adam Gase Would Be a Great Relationship

One of the names in the coaching search that hadn’t been officially interviewed by the Packers was Adam Gase. Miami Dolphins fired him last week to some surprise. Gase did not have a successful tenure in Miami. They went 10-6 in his first year then