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SnoTapWI Green Bay Packers Preview: Game 2 vs. Vikings

Green Bay Packers are trying to take control of the division in Week 2. If they win on Sunday, they’re out to a 2-0 start which would be the first time they’ve won their first two games since 2015. Packers have shown that they’re able

The Trash Talk Between Packers & Vikings Players is Strong

Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings are getting ready to play this weekend. It should be a great game. This is a rivalry game as you all know, and with rivalries, they sometimes matter to fans more than they do the players. This rivalry covered

Aaron Rodgers Tries to Put An End To The Wave

Aaron Rodgers is my quarterback. I’m a Rodgers supporter and some might call me a stan in the cool 2019 way to say it. Rodgers is the best. There haven’t been many times where I waver from him. The last time of memory was his

Bill Would Put Packers Games in Every Wisconsin County

When I went to school in Eau Claire, there was always a fear that the Packers games would not be on television. Every now and again, you would see Minnesota Vikings games come close, and there would be potential that the Vikings would be on

Rodgers & Favre Talking Once a Week Makes Me Happy

Aaron Rodgers appeared on Pat McAfee’s newest version of the ‘Pat McAfee Show’ yesterday. Rodgers and McAfee are close friends and had a great conversation about what’s going on right now with the Green Bay Packers. There were many great things to take away from

Matt LaFleur Is Only First-Year Coach to Win in Week 1

It is not easy to be a first-year coach. There is a great deal of hype for a new coach. People are excited to hopefully have a coach that will lead them into the future. The first game of the year doesn’t always go as

Yes, It Was Weird Seeing Randall Cobb as a Cowboy

Sports are a business. You know that I know that. because of that, we see players we love and cheer for end up in other colors. A guy who used to write for us once time discussed being a fan is like cheering for laundry

Packers Locker Room Footage Gives You The Feels

Green Bay Packers are 1-0, Chicago Bears are 0-1 and the rest of the league is 0-0. Packers fans are feeling good this weekend. Sure, the offense isn’t where it needs to be, but this defense is the most exciting thing that’s happened to Wisconsin

SnoTapWI Star Ratings: Packers-Bears

For those who are new for the football season, star ratings are our way to focus on a few of the Packers players that deserve the credit for the win, or those who played well in the loss. We also focus on guys who did

PackCap: “We Have a Defense.” Hell Yes, The Packers Do.

This is brand new from SnoTapWI this year. I wanted to recap games as I do for our other sports – Marquette and Wisconsin basketball, Bucks, Brewers, Badgers football. It makes sense to have a ‘cap’ for this one as well. Let me introduce PackCap.