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Joe Thomas Puts Backtrackin’ Adam Thielen Squarely In a Locker

Adam Thielen is the latest enemy number one for Packers’ fans. It’s really good that Green Bay could find somebody to hate that wasn’t a Big J or their own organization for a little while. We needed this. If you’re not familiar, Thielen came out

Adam Thielen Is a Complete Clown For Comments About Lambeau Field

Adam Thielen is a Minnesota football success story. I know those are hard to come by seeing as the Vikings have as many rings as I do, and the Minnesota Golden Gophers haven’t smelled roses since Kennedy was president. Hell, they don’t even know what

Why Adam Schefter Chose to Break the Rodgers’ Story on Draft Day

Adam Schefter talked with Dan Patrick yesterday. DP is one of the best interviewers in all of the media. Not just sports. He gets the most out of people and gets a lot of answers that people would not expect. Patrick asked him why break

NFL Media Misleads On Packers Needing More Quarterback Support

Adam Schefter broke the Aaron Rodgers story. How that story came to life was the San Francisco 49ers leaked the news and away we go. It’s a big story for Schefter and one he’s been n the ground floor with. But similar to his buddy

John Kuhn Provides Us With The Best Explanation of the Rodgers’ Situation

John Kuhn is a Packers legend. He is also an Eau Claire legend, but that’s another story for another time. Kuhn has always been good friends with Aaron Rodgers. He is in the circle of trust. That circle includes guys like Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb,

WI Sports Tap List 5/5: Bucks Get Two Statement WIns Against the Nets

Welcome to the WI Sports Tap List. We’re still working on this structure. I would love for some feedback on this if you have it available. Happy to make this work for you guys to give you what you need to start your day. What

Appleton Crowd Expresses Their Displeasure with Aaron Rodgers

For the most part, the fans of the Green Bay Packers are all over the place with Aaron Rodgers. Some believe that Rodgers is entitled to get what he wants given all that he’s done for the Green Bay Packers. Others think that Rodgers is

WI Sports Tap List 5/4: Brewers Cost Themselves a Win + Packers Play Damage Control

Welcome to the Tap List. If you’re like, this is new, you would be right. I created this yesterday and going to test it out for the month of May at least. I’m trying to figure out how to serve you guys the recaps that

Davante Adams’ Tweet Reminds Us How Annoying This Rodgers’ Stuff Will Be

Davante Adams is not afraid to use social media. He is relatively active on Twitter. We haven’t heard from a ton of players over the weekend. Adrian Amos said things were basically bullshit on Thursday. Marques Valdez-Scantling also interacted with the Rodgers’ news over the

The Jake Kumerow-Rodgers Story Needs More Context

In the latest news around Aaron Rodgers, a story was brought up about how Aaron Rodgers did not like Green Bay cutting Jake Kumerow. Rodgers spoke highly of Kumerow after a Training Camp practice only to have Kumerow cut the next day. At first, I