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Please Send Raheem Mostert to the AFC, Thanks

Raheem Mostert dominated the Green Bay Packers last season. Mostert rushed for 220 yards and blew up on the scene going off against Green Bay. He had a great postseason for San Francisco and was one of the stars of the team in the postseason.

League Executives Rank Aaron Rodgers A Justified Third in All QB’s

Aaron Rodgers is better than you think. Remember a month ago, CBS Sports had the gall to rank Aaron Rodgers outside of the top 10. This was a move to get headlines and draw attention to the fact Matt Stafford is inside their top ten.

Packers Teammates & Media Refuse To Let Aaron Jones Get Canceled

Cancel culture is happening every day on social media. It is almost like a game show at this point to see how gets canceled. On Friday, Packers running back Aaron Jones was thrown into the canceled world. As Jones and his girlfriend awaited the birth

Questions Still Remain How Packers Will Handle Fans in 2020

Football is coming in the next couple of months. Right now, the cases are spiking all over the country leaving a lot of uncertainty for football this Fall. There is next to zero chance there will be a delay in the season, rather, it seems

NFL’s COVID Liability Wavier Could Be The Future of Attending Sports Events

The National Football League seems hellbent on having fans in their stadiums this season. Per an article from David Kaplan of The Athletic, he outlined multiple scenarios that the NFL could be looking at for this season. They include wearing masks heading into the stadium,

Start Your Day With the Best Davante Adams Catches from 2019

Davante Adams is a beast. We all know that. It is starting to gather steam around the NFL. People are finally realizing that Adams is a legitimate top-five wide receiver in the game. Even if the PFF podcast named Kenny Golladay top receiver in the

Imagine Thinking Kenny Golladay is Better than Davante Adams

Fantasy football is great. Fantasy football also rots our brains sometimes. Pro Football Focus is back at it again. They were doing a podcast previewing the fantasy options at wide receiver in the NFC North. In a minute clip, they declared that Kenny Golladay is

Aaron Rodgers Helping Those Struggling Will Forever Make Me Proud

I love Aaron Rodgers. Aaron Rodgers is a good dude. Do I know that for a fact? No, I don’t. Do I believe that to be true? Yes, I do. Why? He does things out of the goodness of his heart more often than not

NFL Takes First Steps In Fan Limitations For 2020

Many questions have been around the National Football League and its fans this season. Will fans be in the stands? Will they be required in masks? What other precautions might we see? I’ve praised the NFL for their full steam ahead approach all along. It

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix Avoids Actual Real Bears in Crazy Video

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix might not be one of the best Packers first-round draft picks but he’s an entertaining dude on social media. He is always honest. And always shares as much as he can with the world. Sure, things did not work out with Ha