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Packers Can Survive Without Mike Daniels

Green Bay Packers had a bad Sunday. They didn’t play, but there were news of the negative all over the place. Mike Daniels will be missed for the next couple of weeks with a foot injury. They do not have a timetable for Daniels injury,

Here We Go Again: Rodgers vs. McCarthy Round 100

Death, taxes and Aaron Rodgers-Mike McCarthy being mad at each other. It’s an annual tradition at this point and catnip for any blogger, radio show hot, tv talk show. This is the type of thing people eat up in today’s generation. The admiration for being

Jimmy Graham’s Thumb Injury Could be An Issue

Green Bay Packers suffered a myriad of injuries on Thursday night against the Seattle Seahawks. Most of the injuries happened on the defensive side of the football with players like Mike Daniels, Raven Greene and Kenny Clark all going down. But one of the other

Packers Excitement Meter: Kyler Fackrell, Defensive Stud

Green Bay Packers suffered arguably the toughest loss of the season yesterday losing to Seattle, 27-24. Packers were leading the whole game until the final five minutes when Russell Wilson snatched the game away in the waning moments to give Seattle the victory. This one

PackCap: Seattle is Where the Packers Demons Live

Green Bay Packers-Seattle Seahawks is a weird rivalry in the sense that both teams seem to own each other at their own stadium. Green Bay had signature wins, whether they were early in the season or during a run to the playoffs at Lambeau Field.

SnoTapWI Packers Preview: Green Bay vs. Seattle

Green Bay and Seattle is one of the biggest rivalries in the last five to seven years in football. Now, it’s a little different than it was a couple years ago. Gone are the days of the Legion of Boom. Gone are Jordy Nelson, Eddie

Aaron Jones’ Running Style Draws Zeke Comparisons

Everyone is excited about Aaron Jones. It’s hard not to be as a Packers fan. He will likely be the conversation topic for the nationally televised Thursday night game between the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks. Melvin Gordon, Todd Gurley both had solid games

Packers Excitement Meter: That’s So Raven (Greene)

Green Bay Packers win their first game since mid-October beating up the Miami Dolphins, 31-12. It was a good win and an important one considering all of the teams around the Packers in the playoff hunt lost in Week 10 opening the door for a

Applauding Aaron Rodgers for Anti-Wave Stance

If you’ve been with us for awhile, you know I hate the wave. It’s the worst thing that happens in the State of Wisconsin. It’s antiquated and makes our fan base look dumb. Nothing is more annoying than being next to guy or girl who

PackCap: A Star is Born – The Aaron Jones Story

“I’m running into the end zooooooone, no one can stop meeee.” Oh, sorry I’m trying to think of how we would create a song about Aaron Jones becoming a star before our very eyes in Green Bay. I said in the preview that ‘Aaron Jones