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SnotapWI’s Packers Preview: Green Bay vs. Washington

Green Bay Packers have their first road game of the season. Packers are traveling to Washington DC for the third time in the last few years. Packers played the Redskins in the playoffs where they were victorious then they dropped a Sunday Night game the

Josh Jones Comes Back at Right Time

Green Bay Packers defense will be getting a boost on Sunday. Reports are Josh Jones will be back in action for his first game of the 2018 season. Jones battled an ankle injury that kept him out of the first two games of the season.

The Reason Why NFL Doubled Down on Matthews’ Hit

Clay Matthews’ hit is the talk of Packers fans all over the country. It’s what people talked about at the coffee machine on Monday morning, and what will still be talked about today before the focus moves to Washington. The conversation will continue because the

Packers Week 2 Excitement Meter

The excitement meter returns for another week. For those unfamiliar with the post, we’re looking our excitement about different players. We pick five out. Sometimes, they’re the same from week to week, but we try to separate it if possible. Green Bay still showed some

How a Tie Can Help & Hurt The Packers

Green Bay Packers will have an ugly 1 at the end of their record for the rest of the season. The tie is an interesting dynamic for the rest of the season. It can benefit Green Bay in a major way, and it could also

PackCap: Officials Cost Packers Half a Victory

We’re not a ‘blame the officials’ type blog, but Jesus Christ. This was pathetic. One of the worst officiated games I can remember since the Fail Mary days. So many things that happened in the Packers-Vikings game had to do with the officials missing a

SnoTapWI Packers Preview: Minnesota vs. Green Bay

Green Bay Packers welcome the Minnesota Vikings to town for an early season matchup. This is one of the earlier matchups I can remember the team facing off against Minnesota. The hype is real around the Vikings. Many people picked them to the Super Bowl.

Aaron Rodgers’ Return Highlights Importance of Division Games

For the next few days as we do not know the status of Aaron Rodgers, the national and local media may criticize the Packers for rolling Aaron Rodgers out there. They might say ‘You have a full season ahead of you and you risk your

Mike Zimmer Shrugs Off Aaron Rodgers’ Performance

Consider Vikings-Packers underway this week as we’re done talking about the Bears-Packers. Vikings come to down for an early season showdown that could springboard either team into the division driver seat. It’s unknown whether Aaron Rodgers will play on Sunday due to his knee injury

Packers Week 1 Excitement Meter

Welcome to the excitement meter. We toyed around with this in the first couple preseason games, and we’re bringing it for the season. Instead of trying too hard with pop culture references, we’re going with a pretty simple way to look at this thing. I’m