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Rodgers Isn’t Playing Role of Savior

Ask people around Wisconsin on Wednesday, they were probably smiling a little more than they were the day before. Aaron Rodgers returned to the Green Bay Packers officially and will play on Sunday versus Carolina. After Wednesday’s practice, Rodgers did his usual meeting with the

Star Ratings: Green Bay-Cleveland

Green Bay Packers looked like they were not going to escape Cleveland alive on Sunday afternoon. Packers trailed 21-7 to the Browns in the fourth quarter, and things did not look good for the team. Like last week, they found a way in the fourth

Brett Hundley Deserves Credit From Packers Fans

Brett Hundley will look back at this season as one where he saw more playing time than he had all of his first three seasons. No one really saw this year being about can the former UCLA quarterback take this team far enough to have

Packers Star Ratings: Buccaneers vs. Packers

Green Bay Packers are lucky to make it out of Lambeau with a victory. They snatched away from Tampa Bay in the waning moments of the game with a comeback, overtime victory. Packers did not play very well against the Buccaneers, and that’s okay because

Rodgers’ Return Shouldn’t Scare Packers Fans

Aaron Rodgers looms in the shadows of this NFL season. If Green Bay can take care of business in Cleveland, they’ll be 7-6 with Rodgers returning for Carolina, Minnesota and Detroit to finish off the year. It’s not a guarantee that Green Bay wins the

Packers Survive The Sloppy Play With OT Victory

Green Bay Packers knew they had to win against Tampa Bay to stay alive in the playoff hunt. Things looked pretty good early on with a 17-7 lead after a Dean Lowry 62-yard fumble return for a touchdown. But Tampa Bay would crawl back as

Don’t Overreact to Matthews’ Comments on Rodgers

Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews is on the road to recovery trying to come back from a groin injury that sidelined him for the Pittsburgh game. With being among the injured, Matthews got a first-hand look at how Aaron Rodgers was progressing with his

What Does Green Bay Do At Running Back?

Green Bay Packers have a problem they haven’t had in quite some time. In fact, it’s hard to recall when the last time Green Bay even came close to this being an issue. It appears that Aaron Jones might play on Sunday as well as

Star Ratings: Packers-Steelers

As always, here’s the star ratings from the Packers-Steelers. To be honest, I didn’t expect we would be talking about so many good things that Green Bay did yesterday, but here we are. You just wish they had an opportunity to win this game in

Aaron Rodgers Shows Off His Arm Prior to Game

Aaron Rodgers did some physical training before Sunday night’s Packers-Steelers game. It included a long toss where Rodgers showcased his arm, and what strength he had at this time. Rodgers sent deep about 55 yards which all gave Packers nation one big eye emoji. No