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Aaron Rodgers Is Already Praising New Packers’ Center Josh Myers

Green Bay Packers drafted Josh Myers in the second round of this year’s NFL Draft. When Myers was selected, the thought Green Bay had with him is that he would replace Corey Linsley. Maybe not immediately, but he is Linsley’s replacement. It was weird that

Brian Gutekunst Calling Out Rodgers Specifically For the Cobb Trade Wasn’t An Accident

Green Bay Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst is a smart man. I know some of you do not believe that with all of the things that happened with Aaron Rodgers. But he is. There is no way he gets to be an NFL general manager

Aaron Rodgers’ Openness Deserves Praise Even If You Didn’t Like It

Aaron Rodgers went with the media for the first time since all the drama started. No one really knew what to expect when Rodgers stepped to the dais to give his first press conference of the season. Rodgers opened with a nearly 10-minute answer about

Rate Yesterday’s Aaron Rodgers ‘Office’ Look

Aaron Rodgers arrived at the hallowed halls of Lambeau Field yesterday. After all the pain and the suffering throughout the offseason, Rodgers showed up on time and was ready to get to work. He threw on the number 12 jersey and went onto the practice

What to Expect With a Randall Cobb Return to Green Bay

By some point today, Randall Cobb will be a member of the Green Bay Packers again. After a few years of not being a part of this Packers team, Cobb will rejoin his friend Aaron Rodgers. The deal and money haven’t been worked out. Cobb

Can’t Believe the Randall Cobb Rodgers Trade Story is Actually Real

On Monday when Aaron Rodgers returned to the Packers, the stories that were out there were all over the place. Some people didn’t know when Rodgers would be back. Others gave all of the things that could happen with Rodgers’ new deal with the team.

Aaron Rodgers Review: He’s Back Baby, Pray for the NFC

It is funny how things change. On Saturday, I was killing Aaron Rodgers for the ‘Last Dance’ stuff. I still think it is incredibly corny and something I would not recommend to the teams I cheer for. On Monday, I’m jazzed up that he is

This Cartoon Speaks Directly to the State of Wisconsin Sports Right Now

Cartoons can sometimes be the key to unlocking everything. They tell a story, sometimes, that other mediums cannot. Why? Because it’s a cartoon. At the end of the day, they’re supposed to be fun and a bit silly. Not entirely true. But every now and

Derek Carr Already Pressing for Adams to Join in Las Vegas Is Expected

In the NBA, there is tampering. It’s not legal. It is something teams get fined for pretty regularly in the association. We saw our Milwaukee Bucks pick one up. Philadelphia recently got one. It’s very common. But in the NFL, there are no real rules

Options For Potential New Helmets for Packers in 2022

While Major League Baseball does everything to hurt their sport, the National Football League seems to make smart marketing decisions to push their sport forward. A few weeks ago, they made it so players could have whatever number they wanted at various positions all over