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Aaron Rodgers Shouldn’t Have To Answer Questions About His Future Again

Aaron Rodgers knew he would stir up a conversation last week when he told Kyle Brandt of the NFL Network and now The Ringer that he realized Green Bay might not be the final destination. Rodgers tried to make sense of the Jordan Love draft

How Packers Can Avoid Becoming Marlins or Cardinals of the NFL

Green Bay Packers’ season is underway. Virtual meetings are happening and teams are slowly starting to welcome players back to the facility. Packers have not seen any further COVID-related issues besides Jace Sternberger and Mason Crosby. Neither Crosby nor Sternberger tested positive per our knowledge,

Jace Sternberger’s Twitter Chirp Game is Elite

Jace Sternberger is already a favorite of mine in 2020. The hype around him is building from Packers fans, and he has a chance to be a very talented player for the Packers. He showed some flashes last year. Packers will give him the keys

Aaron Rodgers Being a Realist Shouldn’t Be Criticized

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers likes to speak his truth. He is a guy that is not afraid to say what he wants about certain issues. These issues could be what’s going in the world, or sports-related issues. People think Rodgers is a prick,

One Of Us! One Of Us! Rodgers Hits Bottle When Bad News Hits

Sometimes, athletes can be just like us. They do something that makes us think about how we would handle a situation. After Jordan Love got drafted by the Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers told Kyle Brandt of the NFL Network and now The Ringer that

All In on Getting Everson Griffen to Green Bay

Green Bay Packers haven’t done much this pandemic. That’s a good thing. No players are in the news for doing something reckless. Players are not demanding trades. Coaches are staying healthy. The only real person Packers fans have heard from is Mark Murphy about fan

A Friendly Reminder that Packers Secondary is Young and Talented

Green Bay Packers have a good defense. Is it a great defense? No. Does it have the structure to potentially be great next season? Absolutely. The Packers have a very young defense overall. But where they’re the youngest is at the secondary position. They are

Sign Me Up For Lambeau Hosting the Big Ten Championship Game

On Thursday, it was revealed that Lambeau Field applied for multiple things in the future. They want to host the NFL Draft, a long-time goal of Mark Murphy. But they also want to have the Big Ten Championship there. The game has been played strictly

Vikings’ Kirk Cousins TikTok Challenge Goes Horribly Wrong

TikTok is all the rage in 2020. Most people have made a TikTok account to watch videos, or they have became a TikTok’er this year. It is no surprise that NFL teams are trying to get involved with it. Minnesota Vikings wanted to do a

What Offensive Weapons Needed? Green Bay Has Some of Best in NFC North

Many people are looking to fade the Green Bay Packers this season. I get it. They went from six wins to 13 wins in a year. The odds are that regression is strong with this team. But the idea that they’re not the top team