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Bears Seem A Touch Obssessed with Justin Fields (Don’t Blame Them)

Justin Fields got drafted by the Chicago Bears. We are probably at the point of the offseason where the Bears’ hype will get drummed up. With all of the news about Aaron Rodgers combined with the Bears finally getting their franchise quarterback, the Bears smoke

No Team Should Packers Fans Hate More Than the San Francisco 49ers

Rivals and rivalries are a funny thing. I remember when Tosa East used to kick our ass in basketball, they would chant ‘Not our rival.’ It hurt but in a lot of ways, it had some truth baked in. Tosa West never was on the

Murph’s Best Available Players for Packers to Draft on Day Three

The last day of the NFL Draft is here. Weirdly, it feels longer than last year. Last year, this was the only thing we had. No idea what was coming next. It was horse racing (Not the Kentucky Derby) and the NFL Draft. Golf ended

Josh Myers Help Fills Green Bay’s Need at Center & Interior Offensive Line

Green Bay needed offensive line help in this NFL Draft. They will likely not have David Bakhtiari for the first couple of weeks of the season. They are without Corey Linsley who is now in Los Angeles. Green Bay decided to go back to the

Amari Rodgers Fits Exactly What the Green Bay Packers Need at Wide Receiver

Green Bay Packers finally did it. They drafted a wide receiver. For all the haters and losers of which there were many, the Packers selected a wide receiver. The first one since Marquez Valdes-Scantling a few years ago. Amari Rodgers was the pick out of

Murph’s Potential Day Two & Beyond Selections for the Packers

Day two of the NFL Draft hopes to be a little less dramatic for the Green Bay Packers. They were the talk of the draft even though they drafted a cornerback. A position of need. You’d think the Packers drafted Trevor Lawrence. That’s what happens

Packers Add Much-Needed Depth at CB Position By Drafting Eric Stokes

Green Bay Packers stepped up to the podium at 29 with mostly house money. They had a buffet of options. Unlike in 2020 where the options were slim, they had a ton of different avenues to go down. Many expected Green Bay to go wide

The Full List of Possible Outcomes From The Aaron Rodgers Saga

Green Bay Packers dealt with the most drama on NFL Draft night. Many people thought it would be the San Francisco 49ers and their third pick. Or a team trying to draft a quarterback. Instead, it belonged to the Green Bay Packers who dealt with

Murph’s 12th Annual Packers’ NFL Draft Draft Guide

The annual NFL player selection meeting, one of the greatest events in American sports, rivaling Super Bowl week, NBA All-Star Weekend, the Kentucky Derby, Masters weekend, and 1990’s major prizefights. An event that has built the backbone of the Green Bay Packers for the better

Drafting a Wide Receivier Early Solves More of 2022 Problem for the Packers

Green Bay Packers did not draft a wide receiver last year. That became the narrative from the 2021 NFL Draft. Along with the Jordan Love draft pick and the future of Aaron Rodgers. It was a highly contentious draft. Part of me believes that Green