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THE DAILY TAP PRESENTS Teams That Hurt Wisconsin Sports’ Fans Feelings

The Daily Tap presents is back for another edition where Charlie is talking about different teams that have hurt Wisconsin fans’ feelings during Charlie’s time as a sports fan. Charlie reflects back on teams that have hurt the Green Bay Packers, Milwaukee Bucks, Milwaukee Brewers,

THE DAILY TAP PRESENTS: Packers Wide Receiver Solutions

Charlie returns for The Daily Tap presents as he talks about the wide receiver position for the Green Bay Packers. Charlie talks about what he thinks the Packers might do with their current roster. And why he thinks Marquez Valdes-Scantling and Jake Kumerow need good

THE DAILY TAP PRESENTS: Playing Out An NBA Hypothetical 28-Team Tourney

In the latest version of The Daily Tap presents Charlie talks about the idea that Brooklyn Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie had around a hypothetical 28-team tournament to decide the NBA Finals winner. Charlie goes through the Bucks side of the bracket then powers through the

THE DAILY TAP PODCAST PRESENTS: Will Aaron Rodgers Be The Next Brady?

In the latest edition of The Daily Tap presents, Charlie talks about Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. People love to pair them together, and Charlie talks about if Rodgers could ever become like Tom Brady and leave the Packers. Charlie explains why things are different

THE DAILY TAP PRESENTS: Packers Middle Linebacker Edition

No more sad SnoTapWI! Charlie introduces a new version of The Daily Tap for times of no sports. He explains what he’s doing in the next few days where he is helping sports fans like you. Today’s show focus is on the middle linebacker and

TAPPING THE KEG PODCAST: Coronavirus vs. College Basketball

Charlie and Mitch are back with a loaded show. The boys talk about the Milwaukee Bucks at the beginning of the show. Charlie mentions why the Bucks might be underrated to start the playoffs, and that is a good thing. Mitch gives some takes about

THE DAILY TAP PODCAST: Can LeBron MVP Narrative Be Stopped?

The Daily Tap returns for the Tuesday edition. Charlie talks about if there is anything that can be done about Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James getting all the hype heading into the postseason. LeBron looks like the narrative favorite for the MVP. Why that

THE DAILY TAP PODCAST: Welcome To A Bucks Therapy Session

The Daily Tap is here to cure your Monday blues. Charlie plays the role of therapist for those struggling with the Milwaukee Bucks losing two straight games. Charlie talks about why there’s some reason to worry plus why they can go ‘even par’ the rest

TAPPING THE KEG PODCAST: Yelich’s New Contract Puts Pressure on Giannis

Charlie and Mitch are here for episode 372 talking about Wisconsin’s hottest topics. Charlie and Mitch discuss the new Christian Yelich deal, and how this could put some pressure on the Milwaukee Bucks getting a deal done with Giannis Antetokounmpo. The boys also talked about

THE DAILY TAP PODCAST: Miami Heat Don’t Scare Me (Yet.)

Charlie is back for the Tuesday edition of The Daily Tap. He talks about the Bucks’ latest loss to the Miami Heat and why he’s not overreacting to a game where the Bucks were up against it. Charlie talks about if he would rather have