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Jalen Johnson is Moving to Milwaukee

We talked about Jalen Johnson last week as the recruiting battle heats up for him. Wisconsin and Marquette are both going hard for the 2020 recruit as well as the entire college basketball landscape. Johnson decided to make a move to Nicole coming from Sun

Would Wisconsin Melt if Aaron Rodgers Dated a Pornstar?

As we had nothing to do yesterday with minimal sports on, the story came out that San Francisco quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo went on a date with Kiara Mia, a 41-year-old porn professional. She’s still VERY active in the business and her Instagram story made it

Wisconsin Has 6 of 10 Drunkest Cities in America

USA Today comes out with a ‘Drunkest Cities in America’ telling us where all of the drinkers are located. Most of the time, it’s here in Wisconsin. The Dairy State tends to look like the Drunk State when this ranking comes out. The results are

Daily Tap 5/15: Wisconsin Needs Sports Gambling

Sports Gambling is legal and Wisconsin needs it (3-11 mins), welcome to the Bud Bowl (11-15 mins) and Brewers-D’Backs recap(15-18 mins). Let’s chat about sports gambling being legal and what a time it is to be alive in the United States. We discuss how Wisconsin

Hope WI Native Austen Lane Kicks Greg Hardy’s Ass

You want to get fired up for MMA? Here’s a good way to do it. Put someone in the ring against Greg Hardy, one of the biggest scumbags in sports, then add to the fact he’s from Wisconsin, I’m all the way in. I can’t

MUST-SEE: WI Driver Takes Out Highway Light Poles

This is easily one of the craziest videos of the year. No question about it. Yesterday, this driver decided to take his car up on the median and do his best impression of ‘Tony Hawk Pro Skater’ with his car. While this is a pretty

Best & Worst in Wisconsin Sports in 2017

Wisconsin sports did not have themselves the type of year that we may have wanted especially with the Green Bay Packers. There were a few of us (Me included) who thought the Packers could go into Minneapolis and play in the Super Bowl in front

Four Loko Testing Shot Brand in Wisconsin

One of my fonder memories in college was the Fall of my fourth year when Four Loko became a thing. I don’t really remember the first time it became introduced to me, but after friends talking about, I tried it one night. Obviously, the original

Is the 2026 World Cup Coming to Lambeau?

Today, the 2026 World Cup spanning United States, Mexico and Canada released their plans to be the hosts of the premier event spanning three different countries. The North America bid will be going up against Morocco’s bid for a chance at a World Cup. Lambeau

Wisconsin’s Most Hated Thing? – Trap Music

Are Wisconsin full of haters? Depends on who and when you ask that question. I feel like during Packers season, people hate everything and are never satisfied with results. Packers could win 38-3, and a couple fans would figure out something Mike McCarthy did that