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JERSEY GRADES: Detroit Lions New Kits

Out of the blue, Detroit Lions rolled out new uniforms to the masses. Lions did not change much from what they’ve done in the past besides add a full color rush gray uniform and go away from the black entirely. Detroit is bringing back the

JERSEY GRADES: Packers Color Rush

This is a posthumous grade, but I feel like a couple words need to be said about Green Bay’s color rush uniforms. They were flames. I hope this isn’t the only time we see them. Hell with the way the offense played tonight maybe wear

Packers All-White Color Rush Unis Save Us From Ridiculous Complaints

If you don’t listen to our podcast, you should but we always talk about the Packer Pinhead Report. Pinheads are Packers fans who know absolutely nothing about the sport but pretend they’re Bob McGinn because their stock certificate says so. Look, I don’t want to