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PODCAST: Base-Brawl & Finals Trilogy

I’m not kidding you when I say this one of the best podcasts we’ve done in 2017. Please share with your friends who might enjoy two guys shooting the breeze about the sports topics of the week. Our main focus on today’s show features talking

Tiger Woods Get DUI & Mugshot Is Not Great

Memorial Day Weekend and any other holiday weekend usually sees an uptick in DUI’s. This happens despite the cops telling everyone that they will be on high alert for drivers who may be intoxicated, people don’t seem to listen. World class golfer Tiger Woods is

The Big Tiger Tease

Tiger Woods announced last Friday he would be playing in the Safeway Open. The golf legend announced today he’s not returning to golf this weekend. He needs a big spin zone after this one. Tiger isn’t ready is a fine excuse, but then, why commit

Tiger Woods Returns to Golf Next Week

BIG CAT IS BACK! Tiger Woods made it official he will be playing at next week’s Safeway Open in Napa Valley. This will be Woods first tournament in over a year, and I couldn’t be more excited. This is the first time where the Fall